Madrid Pole 46" Fiberglass longboard medium flex complete


Madrid Pole 46" longboard medium flex complete

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The Madrid Pole 46" dancer is a board with a mellow concave and two big kicktails for easy dance tricks. The deck comes with a laser cut grip and Mardid logo on top. The deck is a unique combination of maple and bamboo in-between a top and bottom layer of fiberglass. This makes the board very flexible without compromising strength. The medium flex is perfect for dancing and freestyle tricks.

Medium Flex rider weight: 63.5 kg - 85.73 kg

Madrid longboards is named after Jerry Madrid, who launched the brand in Huntington beach California in the 70's. Madrid uses dense woods for it's decks that are famous in the mid to high end range.

- Caliber II 180 mm RK trucks green
- Landyachtz Chubby Hawgs 60 mm purple swirl 78a
- Bones Reds Bearings + Spacers
- 1 mm Shock pad
- 1" mounting

- Length 116.8 cm / 46"
- Gripped top
- Double kicktail
- Mellow concave
- Canadian maple wood
- Medium flex

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