Venom SHR Freeride bushings (per truck)
  • Venom SHR Freeride bushings (per truck)

Venom SHR Freeride bushings (per truck)

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Venom SHR Freeride bushings (per truck)

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More stable than a barrel and less restrictive than an Eliminator, the Venom freeride bushing has a wide, stepped design that can be flipped for different turning response. For extra stability and a more defined center, put the wide end toward the hangar. For deep turning and juicy rebound, run the narrower end in the hangar. Either way, it's ideal for going fast and doing big slides. Also known as stepped cones or freeride barricles.

50-100lbs 73-80a Durometer
75-125lbs 78-82a Durometer
100-145lbs 80-85a Durometer
125-175lbs 80-87a Durometer
145-195lbs 82-90a Durometer
175-220lbs 85-93a Durometer
200-250lbs 90-93a Duromter
225lbs+ 90-97a Durometer


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