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Rome Blur 156 snowboard AM/FR (DEMO)

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Rome Blur 156 snowboard AM/FR (DEMO) Zo goed als nieuw!

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This new board series is for high-octane down-mountain snowboarding. If you’re a rider who likes to run tram laps at a place like Jackson, this board is equally happy sending big drops as it is sending rooster sprays of pow. Or if you’re a rider who likes to get out on first-chair groomers, this board will snap around quickly and let you enjoy the g-forces of leaving ruts in corduroy. Wherever you get down, this board is a high-performing surgical tool.

- TurboRods - Carbon Dual Arc, Two arcing TurboRods are milled into the core near the sidecut of the board for maximum power through one turn and into the next.
- Basalt Impact Plates
- Hybrid stay positive camber, A thin, durable layer of basalt under the corners of your bindings to add strength and reduce core compressions.
- Directional shape
- AirPop Core Matrix
- 45/90 Carbon Hybrid Laminate
- SinterSpeed Base

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