Kalahani Cast V2 180 mm trucks (set)
  • Kalahani Cast V2 180 mm trucks (set)
  • Kahalani Cast Precision trucks V2 Raw 180mm 50° (set)

Kahalani Cast Precision trucks V2 Raw 180mm 50° (set)

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Kahalani Cast Precision trucks V2 Raw 180mm 50° (set)

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Ever since 2003, when they released their precision trucks for racing, they wanted to offer the market a truck more suitable for everyday riding. That is, a truck that performs well under all types of freeride conditions.   

The truck is designed to withstand all types of conditions and riding styles. 

- Precision engineered pivot: The fit between the pivot and pivot cup very important to the feel of the truck. Therefore, they have chosen to precision manufacturing this part of the truck.
- Virgin grade aluminum casting:  Virgin aluminum is used for an optimal resultat.
- Double-hardened cr-moly axles:  The axles are made of double tempered cr-moly steel. This type of steel has cruel ratio between weight and strength.
- 50 degrees base:  50 degrees base provides a good all-round turn. It can handle everything from cruising to freeride and downhill easily.
- Venom 90A bushings:  This bushing has high rebound and gives a vivid sense of the turn.
- Beveled hangers:  Hanger is beveled around the shaft to create a good fit between the shaft and the innermost layer.

Color Grey
Hanger width (Inch) 7.0"
Hanger width (Mm) 180 mm
Truck type RKP
Base plate angle 50 degrees
Axle diameter 8 mm

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