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Nidecker Megalight 164W Freeride snowboard
  • Nidecker Megalight 164W Freeride snowboard
  • Nidecker Megalight 164W Freeride snowboard
  • Nidecker Megalight 164W Freeride snowboard
  • Nidecker Megalight 164W Freeride snowboard

Nidecker Megalight 164W Freeride snowboard

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Nidecker Megalight 164W Freeride snowboard

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The 4th generation of the Megalight redefines once again the high-quality construction techniques and values that have built our Nidecker's reputation for producing cutting edge snowboards. Using the same outline and having undergone the same N-Tech 2.0 upgrade as the Ultralight, the Megalight is just as well adapted for charging hard in steep and deep powder as it is for laying down carves on hard packed slopes. It features our exclusive Absorbnid top layer that absorbs unwanted vibrations to make your riding experience as soft and comfortable as can be; our Light Core built with 3 different woods for optimum lightness, responsiveness and durability; and the N 9000 base, our fastest, most durable base, produced with carbon nanoparticles

- ABSORBNID innovative top layer designed to absorb unwanted vibrations

- Triaxial Plus fiberglass. The result of extensive testing of our enigneers. oriented 45° to the board. Contains different glass densities.

Woodcore Light Core. A perfect combination of paulonia for lightness, poplar for pop and responsiveness and hardwood beach along the edges to create durability, pop and protection from edge impacts

- N-9000 sintered base. our fastest and most durable base with a high density molecular structure

- 3DN concept A unique core outline between the inserts allaws the board to flex differently under each foot, delivering ultimate feeling of control and a 3-demensional riding experience

- N-Tech 2.0. The main feature is a 3D cap that increases the effect of the 3D torion construction between the feet.

- Freeflex 3.0. By reducing wood and fiberglass in nose and tail and replace it with lighter and stronger materials, we reduced the boards weight. It simultaniusly gives more pop and dampens vibrations. Feeling very light when in fast turn transitions.