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Sabre Cast Precision trucks 180 mm blue white

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The Sabre Cast Precision gets you the most bang for your buck from all our trucks. The two most important features of any "Precision" truck are a CNC pivot and straight axles - using a combination of our Cast Hollowlite 48 degree baseplate and our Forged Preciusion 6061-T6 Hangers, you get both at a price that will leave you enough dollar for another race entry this season. Available in 170mm (grey hanger, 3mm axle rake) and 180mm (blue hanger, 3mm axle rake), these trucks come as standard with our UK poured bushings and long-lasting pivot cups.

- 8-hole adjustable 48 Degree baseplate
- 180 mm Hanger Width
- 64mm Axle Height (topmounted)
- Weight (180 mm): 410 grams
- Cold Forged 6061-T6 Hanger
- Hollow Grade 8 Kingpin
- CNC’d hanger pivot
- 4130 CNC’d axle studs
- 3mm Axle Rake Hanger design
- F-Type Barrel and Kingcone Bushings
- Urethane Pivot Cup

Width: 180 mm.
Baseplate Angle:48”.
Bushings: F-Type Barrel and Kingcone Bushings.
Colors: Blue Hanger, White Baseplate.
Axle Diameter: 8 mm.
Flippable Hanger: Yes, 3 mm axle rake.

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