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Arbor Ethos 147 female snowboard 2022 AM/FS
  • Arbor Ethos 147 female snowboard 2022 AM/FS
  • Arbor Ethos 147 female snowboard 2022 AM/FS
  • Arbor Ethos 147 female snowboard 2022 AM/FS

Arbor Ethos 147 female snowboard 2022 AM/FS


Arbor Ethos 147 female snowboard 2022 AM/FS



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The Arbor Ethos snowboard is a well-made entry-level snowboard. Our patented System Rocker technology combined with a cushioned flex pattern facilitates a faster learning curve through effortless turn initiation. Starting with your first turns of the season and moving into steeper and more difficult terrain, the Ethos is the perfect board to take your ride to the next level. The Ethos embodies our core beliefs: good times, responsible construction and real value.

THE SYSTEM: The system is a design platform that delivers a cleaner ride without sacrificing edge performance. The system improves on both rocker and camber shape, without hybridizing the two together, which we believe would sacrifice the inherent benefits of each. The system design eliminates the leverage needed to release and reengage a snowboard's outer contact points, while creating a highly effective, more direct connection to the snow.

GRIP TECH: Grip Tech is a tri-radial sidecut design that is not "mixed". Naturally-forming intersections, which were eliminated in the past, have been transformed into heel-and-toe contact points that provide an instant, more ergonomic way to grip the snow when extra control is needed. The extra contacts also form turning zones that make turning easier and more natural. Grip Tech effectively moves a board's primary interface with the snow underfoot. This allows us to deliver designs that don't lose performance as we lift the leading parts of the effective rim out of the snow for a less grabby ride.

- FSC CERTIFIED HIGHLAND CORE. Our most versatile core, built with a blend of 1:2 Poplar to Paulownia for super lightweight performance, durability and return.
- EXTRUDED BASE. A Strong, easy-to-use extruded base that feels lighter.
- 2×4 10-PACK INSERT. Lots of inserts; so many stance options. Offer a wide stance range, while delivering critical micro adjustability.
- BIAX GLASSING. A biax over biax layup designed for park and street inspired all-mountain riding. Also creates a good platform for learning.
- 360 RAILS. A 360-degree, fully wrap-around sidewall that eliminates the need for tip fill, while snowboard is effectively tied together. A technology that delivers incredibly tight tolerances for improved board life and durability.
- RECYCLED STEEL EDGES. Our highly durable recycled steel edging embody two of the most important values ​​of Arbor: quality and sustainability.
- THREE YEAR WARRANTY. We stand behind the quality and construction of every Arbor Snowboard with an extended 3-year warranty.
- WEND NATURAL WAX. All Arbor Snowboards hit the shop floor ready to ride with Wend Natural Wax.
- FACTORY TUNED. We detune the tip and tail contact points on all our snowboards for a catch-free ride before they leave the factory.