Slide CMC performance 31" surfskate complete


Slide CMC performance 31" surfskate complete



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The CMC Perfomance 31" Surfskate is a new shape that Carlos Martin has developed. He has grabbed the tail of the Gussies and the nose of the Joy. This shape stands for stability and maneuverability and gives you a real surf feeling. It also works as a pool deck. The Perfomance 31" stands for performance and is extremely manoeuvrable with the help of 70 mm wheels. Iciar Sanchez kept the design of the Slide Surfskateboard Perfomance 31" minimalist.

In surf skating, performance, like the Gussies or Diamondtails and all the others, is a safe bet due to its width. You can't go wrong with the shape.

We recommend the performance for both advanced and beginners who want to train their balance. The 70mm wheels roll over every obstacle and with the new version of the axes, the CMC Performance comes very close to surfing.

- Deck: 78.7 x 25.4 cm
- Material: 7 layers of Canadian maple
- Front axle: SLIDE 165 mm 3.0
- Rear axle: 165mm polished aluminum
- Wheels: Slide black. 70mm x 55mm / 83A
- Bearings: ABEC 7

Slide Surfskate was developed years ago by the Spanish cult brand Sancheski. The new slides of the this season are boards with an ultimate performance and you can ride your imaginary waves. No matter where you are! 

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