Mindless Sanke III 39” drop-through complete longboard


Mindless Sanke III 39” drop-through complete longboard



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The Mindless Sanké III is the perfect drop through board for beginner and intermediate riders alike. The low centre of gravity gives you greater stability as you ride, making the Sanké an ideal board for anyone who wants to cruise around town or even try their hand at small hills. With the second symmetrical mandala graphic in the series, this board looks great from all angles, online or on the shop floor.

Length: 99.06 cm / 39 inches
Width: 24.13 cm / 9.5 inches
Shape: Classic switch drop thru
Construction: 7-ply Canadian maple
Trucks: 7 inch RK trucks with tumbling finish
Wheels: PU Cast 70 mm 80A
Bearings: ABEC-5 carbon
Rider weight: 14 st / 90 kg / 195 lbs

What does Caer boardsports think of the Sanke III:
An economical cruiser with a low center of gravity and a fairly long wheelbase provides stability and makes this board ideal for beginners. The Abec 5 bearings are of good quality and so are the unbranded trucks. The rubbers are not very stiff, which you see with many other boards in this price segment. Without instant modifications, you can enjoy a long drive with the Sanke III. Strong enough for someone of 80-90 kg, but also a child can steer well with it. For small children (6-8 years old) it is very wise to take the rubbers a bit softer. White 73a Khiros for example. Otherwise they can only go straight ahead and then the fun is over quickly.

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