• Seismic Aeon 45-degree 180 mm truck Hollow Axle

Seismic Aeon 45-degree 180mm hollow axle trucks


Seismic Aeon 45-degree 180mm hollow axle trucks

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For optimal traction, power, and control, we usually suggest a 45-degree truck at the nose and a 30-degree truck at the tail, with stiffer bushings at the tail than at the nose. Use two 45-degree trucks on symmetrical (twin-tip) freeride decks. Use stiffer bushings if you’re heavier and/or taller than average, softer bushings if you’re lighter and/or less tall.

- 180 mm sparkle black hanger
- 45-degree silver baseplate
- high-rebound 90A blue bushings

Stabilized Geometry with no Added Parts

Aeon bushings pair to form a cylindrical hollow that locks around barrel-shaped hanger elements, a true bearing with no added parts. This patented design forces the hanger to rotate inside the tubular channel in perfect alignment with the pivot axis. Eliminates slop, aligns and stabilizes geometry without the downsides of support pins, spherical bearing inserts, or hanger plugs. Quick response from center and noticeably smoother, cleaner turns, even at deep lean angles that destabilize the steering of ordinary RKP trucks.

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