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Flow NX2-TM Fusion snowboard binding black
  • Flow NX2-TM Fusion snowboard binding black
  • Flow NX2-TM Fusion snowboard binding black 2023
  • Flow NX2-TM Fusion snowboard binding black 2023
  • Flow NX2-TM Fusion snowboard binding black 2023

Flow NX2-TM Fusion snowboard binding black 2023


Flow NX2-TM Fusion snowboard binding black

Maat: L (US 8.5-11.0)

The all-new NX2-TM is a stripped-back version of our best-selling binding that’s tough, light and super versatile. It features the same aluminium alloy baseplate with rockered corners, allowing your board to flex naturally while delivering split-second energy transfer. Our brand new nylon Slip-N-Grip plate allows your forefoot to easily slide into and out of the binding, without compromising the underfoot comfort of our 2.5° Bankbeds. We’ve switched out the modular hiback for a single piece of glass-nylon composite, shaving a few grams in the process yet still offering a great fit with your boot thanks to its asymmetric profile. The minimalist ExoFrame Fusion PowerStraps are the lightest in our line, offering powerful top-down foot hold and Set-It-and-Forget-It convenience. We’ve also equipped this binding with ActiveStrap Tech to keep them out of the way when the hiback is reclined. Together with a medium overall flex, the NX2-TM is great for creative riders like Tim Humphreys that like to mix up selfie shots on the XL line with straight-up backcountry exploration.

BASEPLATES - The NX2-series is a lightweight Aluminum-alloy rockered baseplate. This is our stiffest and responsive baseplate, for riders who want immediate response and direct edge control.
HIBACKS - The 1-piece Asymmetrical Fuse UniBack is a lightweight hiback shaped for a perfect fit with the boot contour and canted riding angles, and delivering a wider range of support for more drive.
POWERSTRAP - Fusion one-piece PowerStraps are 3D-shaped for a great fit, and cover a larger area of your foot for more comfort and control. Best Easy-Entry and Set-It and Forget-It performance.
EXO-POWERSTRAPS - The upper layer of two ExoSpines over the ankle and toe zones with the lightweight, injected Fusion strap frame.
BUCKLES - Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles give you the option to easily get in and out of your bindings any way you choose. Whether Set-It and Forget-It SpeedEntry, or side-entry like a 2 strap, they lock down to secure your preferred footstrap tightness.