Oust Moc 5 Street bearings (8 pcs - boxed/unboxed)

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Oust Moc 5 Street bearings (8 pcs - boxed/unboxed)

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Street skateboarding is a combination of asphalt, steel and concrete interrupted by moments of fright, terror, and indecision. A special bearing had to be developed to accommodate a wide range of ages and styles of skating.

One that would hold together in any condition, without giving up speed or load capabilities of the MOC 5 Tech. The metal shields replaced the buna seals to reduce the possibility of damage to the buna seal during assembly.

A small oil hole ( Pat.Pend ) in each shield was put in so the bearing could be cleaned and oiled. Tolerances were changed to accommodate the new environment and the Oust MOC 5 Street was complete. It's the fastest and toughest bearing in the industry for street

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