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Nitro Prime Raw snowboard set with Rambler bindings 2023 AM
  • Nitro Prime Raw snowboard set with Rambler bindings 2023 AM
  • Nitro Prime Raw snowboard set with Rambler bindings 2023 AM
  • Nitro Prime Raw snowboard set with Rambler bindings 2023 AM
  • Nitro Prime Raw snowboard set with Rambler bindings 2023 AM
  • Nitro Prime Raw snowboard set with Rambler bindings 2023 AM

Nitro Prime Raw snowboard set with Rambler bindings 2023 AM

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Lengte: 155 cm
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Nitro Prime Raw snowboard set with Rambler bindings 2023 AM


Blast past the standard learning curve with our progression friendly and catch-free all-terrain men´s snowboard - the Prime´s stability was designed to always have your back.

The Prime snowboard offers a ride so comfortable and effortless you will be progressing past the learning curve like a future pro. The progression-friendly Directional Shape allows riders of all skill levels to drop into the unknown with confidence, and the Flat-Out Rocker´s catch-free ride allows riders to learn new tricks in the park day after day with less chance of catching your edge. The Prime is built for riders who want to skip through the basics and get after it on a board that will progress with them year after year.

- Bi-Lite Laminates – Nitro's rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for a powerful riding style and a refined board-feel.
- Premium Extruded FH Base – Durability, speed, and low maintenance all in one ultra clear base material. The FH Base takes the abuse of rail and urban riding like no other.
- Power Core – Power Core uses tip-to-tail poplar wood that provides lightweight strength and the perfect blend of flex, response, and feel.
- Radial Sidecut – The simplest and most common of all sidecuts: one single radius makes this sidecut extremely versatile and predictabled
- Flat-Out Rocker – This hybrid flat camber profile has nose and tail lift before the traditional contact points making for effortless turns and catch-free maneuvering. The lifted nose and tail provide excellent float, pressability, and forgiveness in any terrain.

155 cm
waist 25.4 cm
Nose/Tail 300 mm
Rider weight 55-75 kg (120-165 lbs)
Setback 15 mm

163 cm wide
Waist 27.2 cm
Nose/Tail 318 mm
Rider weight 70+ kg (155+ lbs)
Setback 15 mm

- Sustainability Efforts
- Climate Neutral Product
- FSC Certified
- 100% Natural Speed Wax

Nitro Rambler bindings 2023

Designed to be kind to your wallet and to help you send it all over the mountain with a fit so comfortable comfort you won´t stop until the sun sets or the lights go out!

The Rambler has become the definition of the perfect bang for your buck binding, because of it´s customizable all-mountain versatility and comfort. The Rambler´s Transmission Base Frame offers a fully adjustable fit to provide a comfortable foothold and fit for any boot no matter the terrain you rip. A good day on the mountain starts with comfort and confidence, provided by the ERGO Rambler Highback, 3° Canted EVA Footbed, and Perfect FIT Ankle Straps from first to last chair. This “ATV” binding will quickly become your go to binding year after year, because of its pro-grade technologies and ergonomic comfort for all day progression, at an ever so affordable price.

- Flex: Medium/Stiff - 6/10 (1=soft,10=stiff)
- Board Compatibility: This binding uses the Nitro Mini Disc, which is compatible with boards featuring a 2x4 mounting system. Burton Channel disc sold separately. Not compatible with 4x4 mounting systems. 

- Baseplate: Transmission Base Frame
The Transmission Base Frame is a lightweight, durable frame that offers a customisable fit to provide a comfortable foothold for any boot.

- Highback: Ergo Highback
The Ergo Highback provides support as well as freedom of movement, strategically placed where you need it most. 

- Ratchets: Aluminium Speedwheel Buckles
Made from super light and strong aluminium combined with a smooth polymer speedwheel, these buckles are lightweight, durable, won't slip, and won't strip. 

- Easy Entry Buckles and Ratchets
Designed to stay out of the way when stepping in and out of your bindings, Nitro uses S curved ratchets straps for ease of access. The wide-mouth buckle funnel helps you guide the ratchet for an ultra fast, precise bite of your buckles. Less time strapping in, more time riding!

- Straps: Perfect Fit Ankle Strap + B.E.S.T Convertible Toe Strap
The Perfect Fit Ankle Strap is Nitros most durable and trusted strap, featuring a slim design and comfortable foam wrapped around an internal 3D spine for the perfect fit. The B.E.S.T Toe Strap offers around the toe or over the top versatility, and provides you with a seamless, snug fit no matter how you like to wear it.

- Cushioning: EVA Dampening - Full EVA underfoot padding reduces fatigue and enhances comfort by absorbing vibrations and impacts before they hit your feet. 

Additional Features:
- 3° Canted Footbed - This angled footbed puts your knees and body in the most natural and ergonomic position on the board, reducing fatigue and letting you ride longer.

- Board Saver Technology - The corners of the baseplate are rounded to reduce a hard friction point where the binding and board meet. This allows the board to flex more naturally around the binding, resulting in a more natural ride and less stress on the board.

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