Flow Mayon Fusion snowboard binding black 2021 M

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Loaded with all the AXIS-Series features and a clean, smooth design, the Mayon is built to enhance your riding experience. Explosive energy transfer through the PowerBeams in the baseplate, all the comfort and support you need from the new ExoFrame Fusion PowerStrap, and automatic triggering of Active Strap Technology to make the easy-in easy-out experience as simple as sliding on snow.

- Glass filled nylon rockered Axis series base plate with asymmetrical design
- Assymitrical 1-piece Unibacks Hibacks for the perfect balance between comfort and support
- Fusion one-piece Powerstraps are 3D shaped for a great fit and cover a large area of your boots for a better feel, more boot durability and more comfort.
- New Exo-frame Powerstraps. The upper layer of two ExoSpines over the ankle and toe zones with the lightweight, injected Fusion strap frame suspended underneath work together to distribute pressure evenly.
- LSR innovative Buckles. LSR, locking Slap Ratchet, buckles give you an easy get in & out of your bindings any way you like. Speed entry or traditional. Up to you.

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